About Young Life


Young Life began with a few simple ideas about sharing the truth of God’s love with adolescents. It starts with adults concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture. 

What is Young Life? 

Founded in 1941, it is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian outreach to high school-aged kids.  It is now in more than 800 communities nationwide and in 53 Countries around the world. Young Life seeks to provide a creative and healthy environment in which students can investigate and evaluate the Christian faith. Read more about the unique Young Life initiatives around the globe at younglife.org.

Caring For Kids 

We go where kids are, meet them as they are and believe in who they can be. We consistently hear from kids year after year that no matter where they stand with faith in God, they felt cared for, loved and accepted by their Young Life leaders. And good friends are hard to come by - especially in high school.

A Party with a Purpose - Club 

We like to think of club as a “party with a purpose.” And before the party ends, we share a simple message about God’s love. Club is on Monday nights at 7:27pm. In the past, Young Life Club was hosted in homes of GHS students, but has outgrown most spaces. Lately you can find us around town - at the PTA Building in Little Falls, at the Odd Fellows Building and Robie Gym. We do our best to keep kids and parents updated on the club location and times. 

The Best Week of Their Life - Camp 

Teenagers tell us that Young Life camp is the best week of their life. How else would you describe a week where deep friendships are made in the midst of mind-boggling fun, all while hearing the greatest love story ever told.  

A Time to Question, Learn and Grow — Campaigners

Campaigners is a weekly gathering for students who wish to learn more about faith or grow in it through study, service and leadership. Here in Gorham, we’re with teenagers for the long haul to help them take the first steps of faith with unconditional love. We encourgae them to celebrate it through participation in a local congregation - whether its with their parents, young life leaders or on their own. 

Adults Who Care — Committee 

Young Life is making a difference in the lives of teens because we are supported by adults from the community who care about young people here. The committee is comprised of parents, Young Life alumni and civic leaders, and provides a foundation of financial, administrative and moral support for the Gorham Young Life team. Read more about the Gorham Young Life committee.


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